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Medical Diagnostic Imaging Scans(MRI, CT, X-Ray,Ultrasound)

Medical Diagnostic Imaging Scans(MRI, CT, X-Ray,Ultrasound)

The medical impact tests we can provide include but are not limited to, and can be booked across the UK:

  • MRI (closed or open) from £350

  • Ultrasound Scan from £120

  • CT Scan from £400

  • Full Body MRI Scan from £1,800

  • X-Ray Scan from £150

  • Pregnancy Ultrasound  Scans from £120

  • Mammogram  Scans from £500

  • Prostate Screening From £600

  • Echocardiogram from £300

  • DEXA Scan bone density scan from £180


Note: The above fees are only guide quotations. The actual price will be based on the date, project and location you choose.

Get scanned and screened within 2 days at the earliest

If you are struggling to get a referral for a scan through the traditional NHS GP route, or want to skip the waiting list, our team are here to help.

Select the scan type and location and our team will provide a phone consultation within 2 days. You will then have quick access to appointments at your chosen scan site.

UK coverage: choose from over 150 scanning centers across the UK
Fast referrals: no long waits

Private treatment, timely diagnosis

Your peace of mind is at the heart of what we do. A correct diagnosis can speed up access to the right treatment and help relieve your health problems. Either way, a faster diagnosis always means a better prognosis - our mission is to help you quickly and efficiently.

The UK's largest network of diagnostic scanning centers

We partner with more than 150 scan centers, so no matter where you are, you can find an MRI, CT or ultrasound scan near you.

We give you the freedom to choose the type of scan you need, at a convenient location and at a price that fits your budget. We'll handle everything else, from referrals to outcomes.

Interactive, patient-friendly test reports

Medical terminology can be difficult to understand. That's why we provide user-friendly imaging reports, with clickable charts and definitions to guide you through your results.

All our scans come free with simple definitions explaining medical terms, and clear diagrams to illustrate what your scan is showing.

If necessary, we can arrange for clinicians to provide additional interpretation of the test report in Chinese. (additional fees apply)


Service Process

01Reservations and referrals

Choose a scan type and a convenient location, then pay to secure your reservation. Within 2 days, you will receive a telephone consultation from our medical team who will ask about your symptoms and complete your scan referral.

02 Scan to confirm

After the referral, our team will call you to let you choose an appointment time. We will confirm the appointment via email at this stage.

03 Scan

Arrive at the designated testing and scanning center according to the scheduled time. Radiologists, sonographers, and patient caregivers at the partner center you choose will answer any questions you may have and complete your scans. After the scan, the images are prepared and sent to highly qualified radiologists for reporting.

04Receive your results

Our clinical medicine team will receive your report and send a copy to you via email. If any abnormalities are found, one of our clinicians will contact you to discuss your results and next steps.

Why private scan testing is worth the money

  • Saving time Reducing waiting times is one of the biggest benefits of private healthcare, allowing you to get quick treatment when you need it. Ways Pharmacy offers a highly effective alternative to give you peace of mind as quickly as possible.

  • By paying for our private services, you'll receive expanded medical resources, expert clinician-led care and rapid diagnosis from fully qualified doctors, radiologists and physiotherapists from some of the country's top scanning facilities.

  • Comprehensive Services MRI, CT and Ultrasound scans are available for a wide range of uses, and we also offer many specialist medical applications and more complex scan types. Whatever your requirements, we have you covered.

  • Value for money The price associated with private treatment is reflected in the professional care and service you will receive. Our medical team provides comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process.

  • Freedom of choice You can choose where and when to be scanned, so you can find a location within commuting distance at a time that suits you.

  • Privacy Customer confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We will not share personal data without your consent and, in line with our duty of care, we will only contact your GP in an emergency.